In only 10 LESSONS

  • The new easy, step-by-step method for your child to progress
  • Progress while having fun, at home
  • ​Master breaststroke and backstroke in only 10 lessons
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Today your child is no longer afraid of water…

He has now mastered the basics of swimming.

But he still gets tired pretty quickly ?
You would like to see him progress?

With the health crisis?

We are no more sure of nothing!
For young children... 
Will lessons in swimming pools or at school still be possible?
But even before Covid? In normal times?
Swimming lessons for children are in high demand...
And Wednesdays and evenings?
Taken by storm!
And there are not enough lifeguards!
Difficulty in registering it?
Schedules that are not compatible with your work?
Waiting for them on site for half an hour, three quarters of an hour or an hour?
Do you have to stay on site and do nothing or go out for a coffee?
Can I choose an individual course?
More expensive, and again, you have to find an available coach!
Or a group class?
With often too many children. Where the teacher doesn't have enough to deal with kids who are having a harder time. Or worse... giving a class in "chief warrant officer" mode... 

In short! Not very suitable for young children or beginners.

But you want him to swim well…..to be comfortable in the water.

Because your child has learned to walk, to run... So finally, that he learns to swim well seems normal to you. It's part of his development!
And beyond his motor skills and coordination...

Swimming is a complete sport... It allows him to build his body in a relatively homogeneous way, but also to improve his endurance and flexibility.

And it will open the door to other sports such as synchronized swimming, water polo or surfing...

With a pool at your disposal… 

You would like to explain? But you lack method, you feel that your movements are not good, or you don't know how to do it...

What do you need ?

A step by step method to show him exactly what to do!

A method adapted to your child!

A method that you can follow step by step with confidence.

Because it is drawn from 22 years of experience in teaching swimming to children who have all learned to swim and some of whom have become professionals or champions.

A progressive method that can be adapted and modulated according to the age, maturity and sensitivity of the child.

A method where the sessions follow one another in order to give the child a little more confidence as they go along thanks to warm-ups, games and progressive exercises...


A step by step method to show him exactly what to do!

I have been a lifeguard for 22 years...
And when I saw the distress of a mother whose little girl could not go to summer camp because she could not learn to swim because of the health crisis... 

I decided to help her!

And then... I decided to make my methods available online in digital format.

And so that you can teach your child breaststroke and backstroke from home...
Or if you have access to a pool...
I have created for you this brand new training...


That will allow you to easily teach breaststroke and backstroke
your child in only 10 lessons...


A step by step method to show him exactly what to do!

You have applied to the letter this program "Private swimming pool - Teaching children to swim breaststroke and backstroke in 10 lessons"... 

And besides having taken a lot of pleasure in sharing these moments with your child?

He is now like a fish in water...
Alternating breaststroke and backstroke without difficulty, and with much less fatigue.

You now know that he will be able to try other water sports without putting himself in danger...

Like the surfing he talked so much about during the last vacations!


How do you explain to him when you lack method or feel that your movements are not good? Or to make sure he understands the exercises? Or if you are afraid that he will develop bad habits?
Cette méthode progressive propose des exercices très simples et dont la difficulté augmente au rythme de l’enfant.

They are explained with videos that show a child performing them for easy ownership by your child, and they come with a summary printable.
These teachings are based on my SWIMCHILD method, developed over 22 years of teaching swimming to children who have learned to swim without difficulty...

And some of them have become champions or elite swimmers.

What you will discover in this program…

  • Pedagogical exercises, designed to respect the child's rhythm, that I detail step by step in video, so that your child learns breaststroke and backstroke in only 10 lessons.
  • Three warm-up sessions out of the water that I recommend to prepare your child for kicking, arm movements for breaststroke, or even for the small dog swim.
  • How to keep your child motivated and allow them to express themselves freely with fun games.
  • ​My best advice to correct the main defects most often encountered when learning breaststroke and backstroke.
  • ​Ten progressive sessions representing 6 distinct progressions where you will find: "The comforter", "The baby frog", "Rain games", "The breathing elevator", "The headstand", and "The frog"... As well as bonus videos that will allow the child to better master breathing, floating, movement and immersion.

ATTENTION!THIS training is not for everybody

  • You take waterfront safety lightly. Supervision by a vigilant adult is imperative.
  • You are not ready to work... This is a program that must be followed seriously to produce results.


Your child will learn to swim breaststroke and backstroke.


You will see your child improve...

And progressively, gain ease on the stomach and on the back, hold longer during the immersions, better control his breathing, slide on the water like a champion... 

And finally, master the breaststroke and backstroke.

It’s an investment … For him and for you !

Probably less expensive than most of the packages offered in swimming pools... 

Which will avoid you to be dependent on the places of learning of swimming and will allow you to re-use this knowledge as much as you will need it... 

Which will also allow your child to learn to swim well, without having to struggle to find a place, a club, or a time slot that "fits" with your schedule...

It is a necessary skill,
and that will always be useful and reassuring.

In 22 years , i have taught many children to swim… 

They have grown up, some have become professionals, or champions. 
Here are some excerpts from what some of them or some parents say...

 Mom of sana , 6 years old.

"I am Sana's mother... A year ago, my daughter was still wearing floaties and armbands!
Since she met Salim, his method has worked well. And I can now leave her quietly at the pool without immediate supervision (but not too far).
She has gained a lot of confidence in the pool, and she can swim quietly, far and long."

 Rem, Flora ‘s dad ( in kindergarten).

"Flora has been working with Salim for a few months on learning to swim.
She quickly gained confidence in the water, and she was no longer afraid... 
Since then, she has made good progress with Salim's advice. She quickly acquired the basics that allowed her to swim on her back.
And she is now learning the breaststroke (arms and legs)... She is progressing very well.

 Bilel Ayouaz - Coach of ES VITRY.

"I knew Salim as a coach in the junior category. Then a few years in the minimes category...
Salim is a very passionate person... He accompanied me during these few years, and finally transmitted this passion to me.
I made it my job... To pass it on to the next generation.

 Bilel AZAOU , US CRETEIL NATATION - National 2 medalist.

"Salim is a coach who has helped me progress throughout my swimming career, he has always been there for me and has always supported me in my projects...
He is a person who holds a great place in my heart."

 Adrien Hababou, Engineer.

Former swimmer at the French championships in the youth category.
"I feel like I've known Salim forever... Because he's my first serious coach here in Vitry (we've known each other for probably over 15 years).
I'll always keep him in mind because he's the one I had my first important swimming stories with."

 Anaïs de Lellis, Ostéopath.

"My name is Anaïs, 28 years old. I started swimming with Salim at the age of 12.
It was no joke! You had to be serious, diligent, and on time... It required a certain discipline!
I was not a champion, but Salim taught me rigor... To surpass myself while keeping a good spirit, respecting my training partners.
It was a great time for a teenager like me... I learned to push my abilities, to develop my endurance, my mind. It was important for the rest of my life...
Salim brought me great values beyond performance. And he taught me to never neglect what could be done in the water, even if we were not champions."


This is a program for you , to apply at home…  

Whether you are a parent, sports educator, school teacher, lifeguard, or any other person interested in teaching children to swim...
What is the price of this program?
Despite its great value, I wanted to offer it at the affordable price of 97€ so that everyone can afford it.

But exceptionally for the launch of this program ?

I offer it for a limited time

At the price of 57 €.

After the launching period ?
This price will probably not be proposed for a long time... Or even... Never again at this price!

To join this new program…

And teach breastroke and backstroke to children ( between 5 and 10) years old)thanks to my professionnal step – by-step methods , safe , easy , efficient and in only 10 sessions… 

  • The new easy, step-by-step method for your child to progress
  • Progress while having fun, at home
  • ​Get access to more than 60 videos detailed
  • ​24/7 support : swimchildworld@gmail.com

and discover now… 


You can also discover, on my website, all the programs of my SWIMCHILD method, adapted to each level and for each swimming technique.

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